Bram Vanderbeke

2022, Groundworks0/6view detail
2022, Doel Festival0/7view detail
2022, Casted Objects – Alucasts 20220/7view detail
2022, Reflectors0/5view detail
2022, Platforms0/4view detail
2022, Objects of Celebration – Planters0/3view detail
2022, Objects Of Celebration0/6view detail
2022, co/rizom0/2view detail
2022, Casted Objects 20220/5view detail
2022, Casted Objects – Alucasts0/6view detail
2022, Intersect0/7view detail
2022, Layered Offcuts0/3view detail
2021, Brick Casts – Around a Column0/1view detail
2021, Models – Around a Column0/9view detail
2021, Doorstep0/3view detail
2021, Alucast Wallpieces II0/8view detail
2021, Layered II + III0/2view detail
2021, Brick Bench II0/3view detail
2021, Brick Casts0/4view detail
2021, Pragmatic Sculptures0/14view detail
2021, Brick Bench / Table, Custom0/5view detail
2021, Alucast Wallpieces0/5view detail
2020, Casted Models0/16view detail
2020, Layered I0/1view detail
2020, XXXX0/6view detail
2020, XX0/7view detail
2020, Brick Bench0/4view detail
2020, Casted Objects, Alu Casts0/7view detail
2020, New Primitives – Side Table0/5view detail
2020, Models0/5view detail
2020, Casted Object, Custom0/2view detail
2020, Inside/Outside Column0/5view detail
2020, Bee Totem0/3view detail
2020, Kleureyck0/10view detail
2020, Casted Object III0/1view detail
2020, Wall Shelf Isabel Marant0/1view detail
2019, New Primitives IV0/1view detail
2019, New Primitives Custom0/5view detail
2019, Format0/19view detail
2019, Casted Objects II Outside0/3view detail
2019, Casted Objects II0/4view detail
2019, Inside/Outside0/3view detail
2019, Casted Curves / Arena0/4view detail
2019, Triple & Upside Down Pyramid0/5view detail
2019, Brick Stools / Brick Wall0/4view detail
2019, Casted Objects0/1view detail
2019, Stacked II0/2view detail
2018, New Primitives II0/1view detail
2018, BRUT0/9view detail
2018, Poeme Brut0/3view detail
2018, Fat & Regular Pyramid0/3view detail
2018, Stacked I0/2view detail
2017, Barriers0/10view detail
2017, Double Pyramid0/3view detail
2017, Stackables0/9view detail
2017, New Primitives I0/4view detail
2016, Extruded Expressions0/4view detail
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Studio address
Lindenlei 38
9000 Gent, België


Postal address
Bram Vanderbeke
Paddenhoek 2/201
9000 Gent, Belgie

Bram Vanderbeke is a Ghent-based, Belgian artist/designer. He graduated from the Design Academy, Eindhoven in 2016, complementing a prior training in Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. His practice is diverse but consistent and stands out for its material, sculptural and monumental qualities.
Bram explores and transforms the possible interactions between an object, its architectural environment and its user, further challenged by raw materiality, form and functionality. His works are in the same time autonomous artistic manifestations and utile solutions, an ambiguity Bram deliberately aims for. He creates his Architectural Objects and rhythmic installations in varying dimensions, both in private and in public contexts. The works often influence the spatial perception of the environment they become part of, sometimes by extending an existing space through creating a new space within it.
Bram Vanderbeke is one of the founding members of BRUT, a collective of emerging Belgian designers. He also collaborates with Dutch Invertuals (NL), Atelier Ecru (BE), Galerie VIVID (NL) and Nilufar Gallery (IT).

Architectural Objects

Bram Vanderbeke creates Architectural Objects: monumental designs with a distinctive materiality and aesthetic. In doing so, Bram suggests considering the status of these works as intermediate. Not so much to declare them unfinished, but rather as an accentuation of their intrinsic potential – their capacity to vary and alter, according to the circumstances they may once become part of. The works introduce an interaction between space and object and between architecture and function.
Stacking is a vital word in relation to these Architectural Objects. Since it is this stacking – the deliberate and, above all, physical act of placing something on top of another – which is the foundation of many of them. When looked at from a distance, the Architectural Objects generously emphasise their context, revive its identity and introduce a new rhythm. Once in closer view, the objects also reveal their other qualities. On the one hand, this is the moment when the objects unveil their function and when an observer becomes a user. On the other hand, it is the point where materiality takes over, led by the textures and shades of the surfaces, the rawness and solidity of form and substance. They echo a process which is both experimental and intentional, bodily and mental.


BRUT Depot
Haptic House, Antwerp (BE)
Pragmatic Sculptures
Atelier Ecru - Ghent (BE) (Solo Expo)
Belgian Art & Design Fair - Ghent (BE)
Z33, Scenography, Hasselt (BE)
Colors Etc
Tripostal Lille, Lille (FR)
FAR 2020
Brassless, Nilufar Gallery, Milan (IT)
Design Museum Ghent, Scenography, Ghent (BE)
Brut Collective, Brussels (BE)
Alert Objects
Galerija Vartai, Vilnius (LIT)
Moving Traces
Atelier Ecru, Ghent (BE)
Architectural Objects, Artecetera, Tielrode (BE) (solo expo)
MDR Gallery, London Craft Week, London (UK)
Nilufar Gallery, Milan Design Week, Milan (IT)
Dutch Invertuals
Circle, Milan Design Week, Milan (IT)
Bodem, Milan Design Week, Milan (IT)
Turn on me Now…
Side Gallery, Barcelona (ES)
Brussels (BE)
Atelier Jespers
Architectural objects, Brussels (BE) (solo expo)
Henry van de Velde Awards
Brut Collective, Young Talent, Brussels (BE)
Young Talents
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)
Baars & Bloemhof
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)
Interieur Biennale, Kortrijk (BE)
Centre Pompidou, Brussel (BE)
Maison & Objet
Milk Decoration stand, Paris (FR)
Biennale du textile contemporain, Oloron St Marie (FR)
St Vincents, Antwerpen (BE)
Frozen Fountain
Amsterdam (NL)
Milan Design Week, Milan (IT)
Poème Brut
Design Museum Gent, Gent (BE)
Brussel (BE)
Ghent (BE)
Tools Galerie
Paris (FR)
Harvest, Dutch Invertuals, Eindhoven (NL)
Valuables, Dutch Invertuals, Eindhoven (NL)
Dutch Invertuals, Eindhoven (NL)
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)
Hardcore Exhibition
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (NL)
Week van Ontwerpen
Kortrijk (BE)
London Design Festival
Harvest, Dutch Invertuals, London (UK)
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
The Graduate(s), London (UK)
Musée des Arts
Harvest, Dutch Invertuals, Paris (FR)
Dutch Invertuals, Milan (IT)
Graduation show Design Academy Eindhoven
Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven (NL)
Power Play
Dutch Invertuals, Eindhoven (NL)
Dutch Design Week
Sectie C, Eindhoven (NL)
Interieur Biennale
Kortrijk (BE)
Ventura Lambrate
De Invasie, Milan (IT)
Kortrijk (BE)
Interieur Biennale
Kortrijk (BE)
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