Bram Vanderbeke
Various - Selection of Product & Interior concepts, experiments, and try-outs.





Presenting Extruded Expressions during Graduation Show -

Design Academy Eindhoven (Picture: Jessica Bizzoni)

Extruded Expressions - 1:10 Model

Absorbing Column (Picture: CĂ©line De Clercq)

Control Totems presented at Dutch Invertuals - Power Play

(Picture: Ronald Smits)

Control Totems - Colors

Control Totems

Narrow Column

Trace Lights

Molds for concrete - Extruded Expressions

Model trace lights in corridor

Trace lights try out - detail

Wool Transitions - Felted merino wool. Creates very strong garlands

Moving light try out - detail

Focussed light try out

Black Column Model

Moving Lights Try Outs

Focussed Light model

Ceiling Mirrors

Window Mirrors - Model

Shades - Cloakroom / Purification ritual

Coat Hooks - Coat Hooks  - Candle Holders

Coat Hook



Candle Holder



Reinforcements and Hidden Qualities at 7+1

Endless at 7+1

Samples of coatings on wood

The Wave (Through Hoog Catherijne) - Utrecht (nl)

Reinforcement structures

Hidden Qualities at Kaai 1

Hidden Qualities at Vleugel S

Tuft samples

Collaboration with Wendy Andreu

Exploring & Hacking the "Tufting" Technique

Wool Transitions - Research on wood/wool connections

Endless Light - Process

Industrial storm - Architecture

Series of Leaning/Window furniture

Reflecting Forest interior

Research - Static Electricity

Try-out Layers

Trial & Error - A material research translated into different stools.

In collaboration  with Cas Moor

Serial Killer Toolbox Experience

(Pictures: Milan Friedrich)

Serial Killer Toolbox

Wrapped Woven

Kitchen unit - During internship at Fabiaan Van Severen

Coat Rack & Formable Rack