Bram Vanderbeke


Brick Wall / Brick Stool



Installation in Atelier Jespers - Brussels


The Brick Stools could be used both as separate, sculptural elements for seating and as components for architectural installations, to freely create variable platforms or benches. The Brick Stools are composed of glued concrete bricks, a no-nonsense and radical design strategy, resulting in an offbeat aesthetic.


The Brick Wall is a continuation of this method. Here too, multiple concrete bricks are glued together, composing them into modules.  But the modules are then handled as building blocks in themselves, meant to create bigger walls or pillars. The ways the modules are combined – horizontally or vertically – allows to play with transparency and opacity. Brick Walls could be emerged anywhere: inside and outside, in private and in public environments. When outside, they communicate with the most basic element of our common surroundings: the concrete bricks so many parts of our public environments are paved with.



Pictures by Jeroen Verrecht