Bram Vanderbeke


Bee Totem



Casted Objects - Bee Totem


Regular bricks are arranged into both methodical and intuitive compositions on the floor of the working space. In doing so, Bram Vanderbeke creates negative spaces, which are then used as unique moulds for the creation of (abstract and) architectural furniture pieces – benches, stools, side tables or pedestals. This straightforward technique is inspired by the way in which construction workers realize the fundaments for a building. The resulting Casted Objects repeat the rhythm and texture of the brick moulds, including the stones’ raw and grainy surfaces. The prominent seams echo the liberty of the method and introduce a primitivistic aesthetic.


Bee Totem is a sculptural totem that functions as a bee house, and provide shelter to insects. Made for the HONEY ME exhibition at atelierlachaertdhanis in Tielrode (be)